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1 in 8 women in the u.s. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.
the 3-Day for the cure is a 3-day 60 mile walk.  75% of net proceeds help fund national 
and large public health outreach programs.  the remaining 25% helps fund local community and affiliate support and outreach programs. 
pictures from
san diego 60 miles 3day 2013   
3-Day Alumni Commitment Club
the greatest risk factors for breast cancer are being female and growing older.

click here everyday to fund mammograms for women in need:  the breast cancer site

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welcome to our private collection page here at elegant stitch, inc.  Anything listed here is limited in numbers.

the designer has retired or is no longer producing counted thread work; treasures that we have found or created that are in limited quantities; limited edition kits that have been produced and will not be produced again, etc.

we will make every single attempt to keep this page current - we don't want you to be disappointed.

none of the items listed on this page are subject to any further discount (ega or birthday, etc).  if you really want something, please don't hesitate because i can't get more of them.  other than that - have fun and check back frequently - we are playing with some pretty amazing things in our little place.


updated 07.28.2011

 french tea box alone.JPG (39976 bytes)  french tea box.JPG (52993 bytes) french tea box $25.00
6.5" tall overall height including the lid.  this box consists of 3 separate 5" square containers and the lid on top.  each container is 5"x5"x2" and the three containers are tied together with hand-dyed vintage ribbons attached thru holes in the bottom container.  the tea boxes are painted black and sealed and each of the three containers is lined with printed cardstock and sealed.  the middle container is embellished with a little french eiffel adornment.

 pumpkin.jpg (46359 bytes) pumpkin pin cushion $15.00
this dear little pumpkin has curly wire tendrils, 100% wool leaves, stem and pumpkin, lampwork beads and black glass head beads and is ready to frightfully store all your fall pins safely - away from witches and ghosts.

 green boxes.JPG (64730 bytes) green stacks $25.00
set of 3 boxes (6, 5 and 4 inch round) all with lids.  Each box is hand painted, waxed and polished and then lined with moda blackbird fabric (flowers on the padded bottom and alphabet on the sides).  the boxes have been waxed into an antique patina and each box set is tied with an antiqued piece of twill tape.

and...coming soon...these are in the mix and will be released very soon...
 bigger top.JPG (43545 bytes)  under the big top - pincushion/thread boards

and...keep careful eye out - for our antique crystal glass pincushions.  each one different and one-of-a-kind as each one is an etched antique crystal wine/champagne or cordial with glazed buttons decorating the bowl of the glass and  beautiful embellished wool flowers and hand-made crystal and mother of pearl pins decorating the wool pincushion itself.  we are awaiting the wool...everything else is ready to go...they are just beautiful and i hope you will love them as much as we do.


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 october's fancy.jpg (167105 bytes) october's fancy $25.00
silks and linen



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