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1 in 8 women in the u.s. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.
the 3-Day for the cure is a 3-day 60 mile walk.  75% of net proceeds help fund national 
and large public health outreach programs.  the remaining 25% helps fund local community and affiliate support and outreach programs. 
pictures from
san diego 60 miles 3day 2013   
3-Day Alumni Commitment Club
the greatest risk factors for breast cancer are being female and growing older.

click here everyday to fund mammograms for women in need:  the breast cancer site

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Please take your time and complete your form carefully, completely all information
PLEASE PRINT!!!!  for your safety.

Additional Pricing Information and Form Information:

10th and 11th Sets of Initials/Name                                        $30.00 each
Additional sets by approval - there may not be enough room in the sampler

Two sets of initials can be substituted for
one name/one set of initials.

One motif (from the list below) can be substituted
for one name/one set of initials.

Additional Names         $15.00 each

Additional Sets of Initials        $15.00 each set

Additional Initial in any of the sets (ie: MLKT)        $10.00 each initial

Date (i.e. wedding, birth or anniversary date spelled out)
          (example:  July 25, 1997)        $15.00

Hyphenated Surname        $15.00

2 first names in an existing initial/name set        $15.00 each
(exceptions:  Mary Jane, Mary Lou, Mary Ann(e)        $10.00 each

Motifs choices as listed:        $15.00 each
acorn, squirrel w/acorn, swan, stork, flamingo, flying bird, duck, chicken, rooster, cat, dog, fleur-d-lis, embroidery scissors, shears, thimble, spool of thread, needle w/thread, rose, pansy, topiary, sunflower, stylized lily, strawberry w/leaves, butterfly, spider, fly, wasp, dragonfly, flying bug, snail, basket, book, shell, sailboat, mermaid, cherub, angel, heart, lacy heart, pine tree, palm tree. 

If you purchase your Fibers and Fabric thru Elegant Stitch - we are delighted to offer you a 10% discount on this fabric/fiber order.

For Gloriana Threads we are recommending a continuous hank of 46 yards of 12 ply thread which will be special ordered for you.

35-36 count fabric with 3” allowance on all sides for framing:   29” square
32 count fabric with 3” allowance on all sides for framing:  32” square


we’re trying to anticipate all your questions ahead of time
I am going to use my name (Lois Mouriski Bear) as an example
My suggestion would be to print off this sheet to use as reference while you fill out your forms


1.                  All your personal ordering information (date, name, street address, etc.) needs to be completed in total.  The final dollar amount is charged to your credit card when we send it to the designer because we send a shop check to her along with your order.  So, in other words, this order is considered “pre-paid”.

2.                  Center Initial:  This means the large initial in the very center of the sampler.  It can be your first initial as the stitcher or it can be your last name initial – whatever you choose.  Most people opt for their surname initial (i.e. B for Bear)

3.                  Surname:  This is your last name or if you are putting your first name initial as the center initial, that name.   (See No. 2 above) (Example:  Bear)

4.                  “First Set Initials” The initials of the first person in your sampler.  (Example:  LMB)

5.                  Name to be hidden:  The FIRST name that belongs to the set of initials (Example:  Lois)

6.                  Relationship:  Self (I’m the stitcher)

7.                  “2nd set of initials” and so on.  (Example:  Initials BRB; name to be hidden – Bruce; relationship – spouse or husband)

8.                  Additional Requests:  From the additional pricing information sheet:  additional names, additional sets of initials, etc..

9.                  Cost Block:  Subtotal is $100.00 and allows you the first 4 names/initials and the large letter – everything on the form that is marked “included"
Additional Sets of Initials space will include 5th thru 9th sets of initials if you need them.  If there is no entry here – mark it with –0-
Additional Requests – This is where you put in the amount of additional request funds from the Additional Options Pricing Sheet.
Shipping – We send these out priority mail within the U.S. and the $3.85 also covers international shipping as well.  The international orders will be sent in a brown, padded envelope via U.S. Airmail.
Total – is the grand total of the entire column.

10.              Tips:  You can add two sets of initials in the 5th – 9th set.  For Example:  if you have grandchildren or paternal or maternal parents that you want to put in…you can do it this way:  LMW & ALG – that would be one set of grandparents or parents and that would go in the 5th slot for $20.00.  Grandchildren could be added as CKM & ENB, and those could go in the 6th slot.   However, please be aware that if you take this option, only the initials will be put in the sampler and not the names.

            Also…don’t worry about the fabric/thread selections right now.  Our suggestion to everybody we have helped with this sampler is as follows:

When you get into 35/36 count fabrics…you fabric color choices diminish substantially.  It is best to decide on the thread color FIRST and pick your fabric color to go with the threads.  We suggest picking about 4 different colors of thread and taking your time and narrowing down your choice over the course of a week.  The biggest mistake we find is when people rush to choose a thread color and order massive amounts of it and then are disappointed with their selections.  Take your time.  If you need help in fabric color choices after you’ve made your thread selection, we’re here to help.  The biggest caution is not to ‘jump too quickly’ as far as your thread color selection goes.  Take it slow and easy and really think about your choices, where in the house it’s going to hang; if it’s a gift…the colors in their house…and just use caution and good sense and you’ll be just fine.