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1 in 8 women in the u.s. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.
the 3-Day for the cure is a 3-day 60 mile walk.  75% of net proceeds help fund national 
and large public health outreach programs.  the remaining 25% helps fund local community and affiliate support and outreach programs. 
pictures from
san diego 60 miles 3day 2013   
3-Day Alumni Commitment Club
the greatest risk factors for breast cancer are being female and growing older.

click here everyday to fund mammograms for women in need:  the breast cancer site

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You may e-mail your order form to or you may fax your order to 209.529.5008

Please take your time and complete your form carefully, completely all information
PLEASE PRINT!!!!  for your safety.

French Alphabet - Additional Options Pricing
   Suggestion:  Print off this information to
help you in filling out your order form!!!


This sampler will be personalized especially for you.  No two samplers will be alike and
each one will be a family heirloom.  The price includes the chart personalization for you
with the Center Initial, Surname hidden in the Sampler, 4 sets of initials
(i.e. BLS for Betty Lou Stevens), with the person's first name (or the name they go by)
hidden in the sampler, general instructions and a "snapshot" printout of the entire 411 x 411 stitch chart.

Date:   ______________________________________

Name: ________________________________________________

Street Address:   _________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _________________________________________

Telephone w/area code: ___________________________________

E-Mail Address:   _________________________________________

Credit Card No:  __________________________________________ 
Exp. Date:  ____________   Three Number Security Code (CCV) _______

Pricing as Follows:  Large Center Initial and four sets of 3 initials/one name
(everything that is marked ‘included’) $100.00 flat rate.

Personalization Information

Center Initial:  __________ (included) and  Surname: _____________________ (included)

Initials:  First/Middle/Last & Name to be hidden
Relationship:  Self, Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, etc.

1st set: _________ Name to be hidden: __________________________
Relationship _________________________________  (included)

2nd set: _________ Name to be hidden: __________________________
Relationship _________________________________  (included)

3rd set: _________ Name to be hidden: __________________________
Relationship _________________________________  (included)

4th set: _________ Name to be hidden: __________________________
Relationship _________________________________ (included)

5th set: _________ Name to be hidden: __________________________
Relationship _________________________________  $20.00

6th set: _________ Name to be hidden: __________________________
 Relationship _________________________________  $20.00

7th set: _________ Name to be hidden: __________________________
 Relationship _________________________________  $20.00

8th set: _________ Name to be hidden: __________________________
Relationship _________________________________  $30.00

9th set: _________ Name to be hidden: __________________________
Relationship _________________________________  $30.00

Additional Requests (from Additional Options Pricing Sheet Below) ______________________________________________________________________





Additional Sets of Initials



Additional Requests




$5.50 usps delivery confirmation  stateside or
$8.00 airmail if required for overseas

Total to be Paid In Full at
time of Order